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About Test Prep Institute

The Kaplan Certified Educational Provider


Test Prep Institute is a group of education centers located in Lebanon, Oman and Jordan. We provide prep courses in SAT®, MCAT®, GMAT®, GRE®, USMLE® and IELTS. Test Prep Institute is the only certified Kaplan education provider in Lebanon. Kaplan’s comprehensive courses are research-based and specifically designed to help students gain a thorough understanding of the test.


Our courses include teaching sessions as well as full length practice exams that will serve as a benchmark for each students progress. Our methods are tried and tested. We teach students the Kaplan way. We also provide them with patented technology smart tracking systems designed by Kaplan.


We prep high school students for the SAT, so they can enter college and become teachers or engineers or whatever they dream. We help doctors and nurses pass their licensing tests, so they can save lives.
We help people who want to study abroad to prepare the IELTS.
Whatever the product, program or service, we’re constantly pursuing the mission of improving lives through education, one success story at a time.
We continually strive to make the learning experience for our students the best we can with a rigorous focus on educational performance and results.


Join the millions of students we’ve helped reach their goals.


Smart systems that go over the course structure in more detail and figure out the best study option to fit around you schedule; a regular class, one -to- one coacting, or even bringing our quantity teaching to your door.


Higher Score Guarantee or your money back.We are so confident in your success that if your score doesn't improve, we will either give your money back or let you retake the class for free.

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Kaplan helped me so much. Not only by studying for the SAT, but also by increasing my self-confidence, and getting best prepared for the test day. I'm so thankful for them especially my instructor and Nizar.

Jad Nasserdine

SAT Student

I had an amazing experience with Kaplan & the team. They are caring & friendly, and my instructor Peter did a great job in delivering ideas and strategies. Moreover, the online account is extremely helpful for my GMAT exam.

Ehsan Jari

GMAT Student

The MCAT Extreme course definitely helped me to organize my time and pace. It also helped me practice a lot and track my progress. I highly recommend it.

Maamoon Adra

MCAT Student

It was a fun experience and it helped me learn a lot about how to take the SAT and its tips & tricks. The practice tests were the most helpful.

Moukhtar Tannir

SAT Student

I loved my learning experience at Test Prep Institute. I learned a lot from my instructors. Almost everything they taught me came in handy during the test day. Most importantly, the environment in the office gave off a very welcoming vibe which made me feel at ease there. I'm very grateful that I decided to practice in Kaplan and I couldn't reach my goal without their help.

Nicolas Hasbani

SAT Student

University is the first step of mastering what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm glad I was able to achieve more due to the professional help at Test Prep Institute.

Nour Jeha

SAT Student

The MCAT course was the main reason I received a high score. It was an educational & fun experience. The teacher was interactive and understood his students' strengths & weaknesses. I would definitely recommend this course to any premedical student who wants to ace the MCAT test.

Rami Tfaily

MCAT Student

Before start preparing for my SAT test I was worried I wouldn't do well in English as I am a French-educated student. But thankfully, my experience at Test Prep Institute was amazing. The teachers were supportive and helpful. We had mock tests every week, & I was comfortable with the time 7 the material. I highly recommend it.

Zein Chehab

SAT Student