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Micah Garner

Elite SAT® Instructor & Education Counselor

After studying at the University of Kentucky, Micah received a B.A. in Anthropology with a Minor in Islamic Studies. He has been teaching/training others for many years throughout his post-collegiate experience–both in and out of his workplace– and has enjoyed every moment of it.

After joining Test Prep, Micah has seen how specifically the Kaplan method for the SAT assists the students to help them achieve their educational goals better than many other programs. He has happily helped hundreds of students reach their target scores.

In addition Micah plays the role of Education Counselor for UK and Canada. This position involves counseling prospective applicants on the admissions process and opportunities at the Universities. Micah also reviews and scores application essays and other materials submitted by applicants for the purposes of making admission decisions.

Content Expertise 85%
Instructional Design Skills 80%
Instructional Delivery Skills 90%
Instructional Assessmet Skills 85%
Course Management Skills 80%