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Rebecca Rogers

Elite Kaplan Certified Instructor and Senior Education Counselor

Becca is a British, CELTA qualified, English language teacher with a range of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) experience. As part of her university studies, she taught English in Syria to mixed groups of adult and teenage Palestinians in Yarmouk and in France she taught English to high school and sixth form students, to French teachers teaching other disciplines in English and as a private tutor for exam preparation.

 In 2011, she earned her MA Hons in Arabic and French from the University of Edinburgh and went to Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean to continue teaching English. After working in Learning and Development for England’s largest family charity for over two years, Becca trained as a Kaplan SAT instructor and an education counsellor for students wishing to study in the UK. 

 Becca enjoys giving students the skills and motivation to achieve their best score on Test Day as an SAT instructor, and working with students to plan the best academic future as an education counsellor. Becca loves travelling and is passionate about everything the UK has to offer, so she is keen to help students travel to the UK to continue their education.

Content Expertise 88%
Instructional Design Skills 80%
Instructional Delivery Skills 85%
Instructional Assessmet Skills 90%
Course Management Skills 88%