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Steve Bartley

Elite Kaplan Instructor

Steve has been an Elite instructor with Kaplan Test Prep since 2009, teaching over 200 classes and working with more than 4,000 students. He teaches courses for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and AP Calculus. Additionally, Steve works as a contributing author and content developer for Kaplan, helping write books and materials for the SAT, PSAT, AP US History, AP World History, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, GMAT, and GRE exams.

In a previous role with Kaplan, Steve worked as an academic programs coordinator and faculty trainer. In this position, he worked directly with families, schools, and community partners to develop and implement educational programs as well as to train and mentor new Kaplan instructors and tutors.

Steve has also extensive experience working with students from the Middle East. In 2012–2013, he worked as an academic coordinator and an instructor for the Test Prep Institute in Beirut. Over this period, he worked with more than 200 students, preparing them for the SAT. In 2014, he led the SAT program at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, where he worked with top students throughout the Middle East, helping prepare them for admissions at premier schools, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Yale.

Content Expertise 100%
Instructional Design Skills 100%
Instructional Delivery Skills 95%
Instructional Assessmet Skills 95%
Course Management Skills 95%