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MCAT® Subject Bundle

MCAT® Subject Bundle

Prep Personalized Just For You

New structure MCAT® EXTREME: 4 in 1, or 1 of 4!

Our certified and experienced instructor, Kelly Maye will teach you the content and strategies of one of the four MCAT® sections: Chemistry/Physics, Biology/Biochemistry, Psychology/Sociology, & CARS. With our rotating course structure, you can join any week. Each week begins and ends with a diagnostic test so you can measure your needs and see your improvement. There’s also time with the instructor to practice the proven Kaplan methods for excelling on the MCAT®.

“Always Get You Covered”

Course Overview

Course Summary

  • 12 hours of live MCAT® tutoring
  • Official test day experience, diagnostic, practice & exit test
  • MCAT® student kit (Printed Resources & Online Resources)

The MCAT® Student Kit

  • 700 hours of total instruction and practice
  • 130 interactive science review videos
  • More live MCAT® information than anyone else
  • Unlimited access to the MCAT® channel
  • New! Adaptive questions bank for MCAT®
  • 10,000+ practice items
  • The most available AAMC practice material (Tests & Question Bank)
  • 7 book MCAT® subject review set + quick sheets
  • Online access for 6 months

Flexibility & Smart Technology

Mobile- enabled online resources: access to online course resources via mobile, tablet & desktop, ensuring you have the freedom to study anywhere, any time

Expert Tutors

Smart Systems

High Score Guarantee

Breathe easy knowing that we believe in you. We are so confident in your success that if your score doesn’t improve, we will let you continue your prep for free. For full eligibility requirements, visit Kaptest.com/hsg


MCAT Subject Bundles - Summer 2020
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Our reputation & integrity are paramount. Our expert MCAT® tutors recognize your goals & what you need to do to achieve them


Using our smart technology and test knowledge, we will develop the right program for you


With the latest developments in learning science and technology, we identify and address your needs with resources you can trust.


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